Forenscope Devices Old

Fingerprint evidence detection is crucial when conducting a crime scene investigation, and it always comes with its own set of challenges; like having the background colour or texture overpowering subtle details and the fact that trying different lighting angles usually requires two people. In response, Forenscope has created cutting edge mobile multispectral devices; CSI Smartphone, Patrol Smartphone and the Mobile Forensic Tablet.

These unique devices use Forenscope’s advanced, one of a kind mobile multispectral technology for Contactless Fingerprint imaging with any powder and the CSI Smartphone can further be used for Examination of Body Fluids (Saliva, Semen, Urine, etc.) They are equipped with built-in lighting systems; making the evidence detection process a one-person task instead of requiring two people. They also include our distinctive forensic software that can enhance the RAW images to preserve the evidence almost without the background.

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