Notebond Cash Protection

RollsPack, in partnership with the ATM security experts (ATM Security Systems International), is proud to offer the NoteBond Cash Spoiling Device. Designed as the ultimate in theft deterrent, the NoteBond is a revolution in banknote protection. Built into the lid of the cash cassette, the NoteBond unit is a small electronic device which sits silently and vigilantly watching for tampering.


Notebond Cash Protection


Secur-DyeSafe Ink Staining Bags

Our Secur-DyeSafe(TM) solutions are intelligent, active and designed to react quickly and stop criminals in their tracks. They do this using innovative technology, which spreads ink throughout the notes in the event of a theft. This special dye makes the stolen cash useless to the thieves. Our Secur-DyeSafe technology comes in the form of both ATM and cash in transit solutions.


  • DNA Capabilities
  • RFID Capabilities
  • Bluetooth Capabilities

Secur-DyeSafe Ink Staining Bags


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