Breathable Evidence Bags

New methods for the collection and preservation of evidence have called for new solutions for securing, transporting, and storing forensic evidence of all kinds, e.g. after accidents or crimes. Paper absorbs water, making this material ineffective for storing evidence. Moisture can escape from our breathable evidence bags, but the contents cannot be contaminated by outside influences. These security bags can be supplied virtually DNA free using state-of-the-art technology upon request. They can also feature consecutive numbers and barcodes for full tracking capabilities.

Breathable Evidence Bags


Debatin Evidence Bags

Procedures for preserving evidence require special solutions. RollsPack’s forensic security bags ensure a wide range of evidence (from rubble to fingerprints to mobile devices) can be secured, transported and stored in an optimum manner. This evidence can also be stored and protected appropriately over long periods of time without any loss of quality – in breathable, gas-tight or antistatic material as required.

Debatin Evidence Bags


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